Welcome to the Neighborhood!
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Come Partner With Us As A Provider Or Volunteer

Neighbors Network is all about community service. Our non-profit organization will be supplying a steady clientele in the Newton-Conover area for Provider businesses. Candidates chosen provide a top-notch service, which has been vetted by us; and a guarantee to our Members of quality, effortless peace of mind solutions to their everyday needs. Neighbors Network Providers are selected based on our approval guidelines and are expected to provide an exclusive, cost saving percentage or benefit to our Membership.

We also have a bank of community Volunteers to provide services that do not require professional status. If you are looking for an opportunity to serve your community in a meaningful way, and help enrich the lives of neighbors in need of support, we encourage you to fill out a Neighbors Network Volunteer or Provider Application. Neighbors Network Provider and Volunteer Guidelines and applications are available from the links below.